Sunday, December 31, 2006

Is the NYT/IHT's Roger Cohen a Yellow Elephant?

Steve Gilliard thinks so, and we agree. Money quote (from Steve):

Roger, here's reality.

Americans avoid enlisting to fight in Bush's war. We're taking criminals and 40 year olds to fight because the best and brightest of America would rather work in Wal Mart than face multiple tours in Iraq.

Not one of your friends or your kids' friends has one person they know serving in combat overseas. This is all abstraction to you.

But understand this: the American people have tired of your war and the cost of it. They want it to end. You and a bunch of warmongers won't change that.

All of you geostrategic eggheads have forgotten one basic principle of national leadership: Credibility.

If President Bush is correct that success in the Global War on Terrorism is essential for our national survival, or whatever, then why has neither he, nor Roger Cohen, ever even bothered to encourage those eligible to serve who agree with them, including their own relatives, friends, and circles of influence, at least to consider volunteering for military service?

As long as the New York Times/International Herald Tribune et al. think that our servicemembers are a mere abstraction, just "other people," the American people will continue to join them and their own circles of influence in pursuing their own "other priorities."


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