Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Arizona Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

From the Arizona Daily Star (scroll down to third letter):

War's supporters should enlist

Re: the Dec. 28 letter to the editor "Only the U.S. can secure Iraq."

The letter writer extols the virtues of our being in Iraqnam, and of President Bush's soon-to-be-announced troop increase.

May one safely assume that this law student will put his studies on hold and immediately enlist so that he can become among the first to go over there to save the world for democracy.

I firmly believe that if all who are in favor of increasing our troop size in the "Bush-Cheney, save Halliburton and get more oil, dance cotillion" war were to be made to go themselves, it simply would not happen. What total hypocrisy.

Robert J. Lehr


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