Monday, December 18, 2006

Can Basic Training Straighten-Out JEB Bush Jr.?

It seems that the younger son of Florida Governor JEB Bush (R), JEB Jr., right, needs some discipline and direction in life. He's had some run-ins with the law, but we know he's a healthy heterosexual, and he seems like a good kid. The structure of military service might bring out the best in him.

Plus, he could serve our nation in the Global War on Terrorism and help to Save America!

Hat tip to Wonkette.


At 18 December, 2006 19:20, Anonymous Samwise Galenorn said...

Do you really want someone that screwed up in the Army?!?
I don't think so...

At 19 December, 2006 15:26, Blogger Karl said...

samwise galenorn-

I still have some faith in JEB Bush Jr. I think that, if he applied himself to the challenges of basic training and military service, he's do his family proud.

As Ronald Reagan put it, "We all do stupid things when we are young; why, I was even a Democrat."

At 19 December, 2006 16:00, Anonymous Middle Aged Veteran said...

At least we know he can operate a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, from the time in south Florida that he tore up his ex-girlfriend's lawn with his jeep. And yes, some discipline and hard knocks might knock some sense into him. And at the least, the Army teaches you stoicism and humility. People with haughty attitudes are the first ones assigned to something like shoveling the mud off the armored-vehicle washracks or shifting the stack of track sections from >here< to >there<.

At 19 December, 2006 16:03, Anonymous Middle Aged Veteran said...

Oops, pardon me! That was George P. Bush who tore up the girlfriend's lawn with a jeep! But at least, unlike the Bushes, I can admit goofing up and say "Sorry!" :-)

At 21 December, 2006 14:27, Blogger freder421 said...

Hello Karl, I read you just about everyday, I also read the General. Keep up the good work, both of you. George says he wants to increase the army and marines, tell that idiot, it is called a draft. I ask the question once again, will the american people stand for a draft without the bush klan being drafted? We know that the twins will not be drafted, because we don't draft females, but I think if George does have to start a draft, the american people will demand that the twins be drafted. We know that the male kids will have to be drafted, Pierce, is a joke.


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