Tuesday, December 12, 2006

From VAW-116, the Sun Kings (1 of 2)

Outkast's "Hey Ya." Well done by U.S. Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE ONE SIX (VAW-116), the Sun Kings!


At 12 December, 2006 20:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I remember why I joined the USN in 1972. Thanks for the peek at someone else's good old days....sigh.

At 13 December, 2006 09:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am delighted to see our nation's finest getting their dork on and rocking out.

At 15 December, 2006 06:16, Anonymous Marie Dubrunfaut said...

j'adore c vraiment bien fait, félicitation
en espérant en voir d'autre

At 23 December, 2006 20:46, Anonymous Sparrow Hawk (ABH-2) said...

Absolutly Friggin in the Rigging! Hummer's all the way!
Rock on!


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