Friday, December 08, 2006

New Republican Members of Congress Support President Bush!

Operation Yellow Elephant congratulates all twelve new Republican Members of Congress, whose strong support of President Bush carried them to victory against overwhelming odds nationwide.

Unfortunately, the only Iraq veteran running on the Republican ticket, Van Taylor in Texas [the district includes President Bush's ranch in Crawford], lost to the Democratic incumbent. Furthermore, eleven of the new Republican Members of Congress are too old to serve. None is a veteran.

That leaves Rep.-elect Adrian Smith of Nebraska (above in red shirt, white slacks), who is 35. Assuming he's healthy and heterosexual, he's eligible to serve. [Don't worry about holding the seat for the Republicans. President Bush visited Nebraska November 5, 2006, to help Adrian Smith win; of course he'll do the same once again.]

So, please encourage Rep.-elect Smith to Support President Bush and Be A Man! Enlist!

The Honorable
Adrian Smith (Rep.-elect, Nebraska)
House of Representatives
Washington DC 20515.


At 09 December, 2006 03:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Assuming he's heterosexual"

lol, you know what happens when you assume, especially in this case.


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