Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's the American People's Fault!

Thanks to Talking Points Memo, here's some commentary from the right [Roll Call's Morton M. Kondracke, subscription only, alas] blaming the American people for President Bush's current troubles:

[from Kondracke:]

All over the world, scoundrels are ascendant, rising on a tide of American weakness. It makes for a perilous future.

President Bush bet his presidency -- and America's world leadership -- on the war in Iraq. Tragically, it looks as though he bit off more than the American people were willing to chew.

The U.S. is failing in Iraq. Bush's policy was repudiated by the American people in the last election. And now America's enemies and rivals are pressing their advantage, including Iran, Syria, the Taliban, Sudan, Russia and Venezuela. We have yet to hear from al-Qaida.

[from Talking Points Memo:]

Let's first take note that the 'blame the American people for Bush's screw-ups' meme has definitely hit the big time. It's not Bush who bit off more than he could chew or did something incredibly stupid or screwed things up in a way that defies all imagining. Bush's 'error' here is not realizing in advance that the American people would betray him as he was marching into history. The 'tragedy' is that Bush "bit off more than the American people were willing to chew." That just takes my breath away.

[from OYE:]

Well, as we've been saying since mid-2005, if President Bush could not even persuade his strongest supporters, the College and Young Republicans, to Be A Man! Enlist!, it's no surprise that he's facing serious challenges in leading our great nation, and the international coalition, to a successful outcome of the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

OK, Mort Kondracke, has Roll Call ever encouraged real Americans who support the war, if healthy, heterosexual and 41-or-under, to volunteer for military service? If not, I blame you. Don't try to squirrel away from responsibility for your actions.


At 05 December, 2006 11:16, Blogger Gunfighter said...


The people that think this war is great, yet won't volunteer are the worst of phisical as well as moral cowards. They make me sick.


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