Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LA Times: Draft Democrats to help run Iraq?

This is not a joke. Republican political consultant Mike Murphy wrote this op-ed and the LA Times printed it. Seriously. Money quotes:

Bush likes to move boldly and preemptively. He would be well advised to do so right now by adopting a strategy that he would find immensely painful but that is the best option he has. He should trump the Baker commission by extending its bipartisan spirit to make the Democrats an offer no patriot can refuse: He should establish a bipartisan war council made up of his national security team and the Democratic leaders of the key national security committees in Congress.
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Democrats now have congressional power, and they will use it. Far better for Bush to demand a partnership in the national interest, even if painful concessions are the necessary price. Far better to force the Democrats to accept the sober responsibilities that come with power than to keep them on the sidelines and become engulfed in a domestic political civil war over Iraq that the president no longer has the power to win.

The president could, in one statesmanlike gesture, end the paralysis in Washington, force Democratic maturity, reestablish his leadership and show our enemies American unity and resolve at a critical time for our nation. The public would reward it, and the national interest demands it.

Well, Operation Yellow Elephant has been suggesting one statesmanlike gesture for President Bush for quite some time now, saying this to the American people:

I urge all Americans eligible to serve (41 and under) to consider volunteering for military service. I have already urged my own relatives, friends, and political supporters, my circles of influence, to do this, and I ask you to join us. If you are not personally eligible to serve, I ask that you urge your eligible relatives and friends, your circles of influence, to consider serving.

Because we need all qualified Americans to consider military service, I have also asked Congress to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Victory in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is far more important to America than hate and bigotry. I urge Congress to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" without further delay. Thank you.

As we've been saying far too long, if President Bush cannot convince even his strongest supporters to volunteer, how can he possibly lead our nation, and the international coalition, to a successful outcome of the GWOT?


At 13 December, 2006 12:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't you see that "winning" and "losing" in Iraq is a false debate? Can't you see that "fixing" Iraq and having a functioning democracy is not what was designed or intended? That's why Bush would never say those things. If everyone was actually allowed to help, Iraq couldn't be a chaotic failed state, as intended.

At 13 December, 2006 14:29, Blogger Karl said...

I guess that also explains why so many well-connected younger members of our governing party have declined military service.


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