Thursday, April 13, 2006

Military Recruiting Opportunity: Skidmore College

Attention Military Recruiters:

The Young Republicans [sic] of Skidmore College host author Dan Flynn Thursday, April 13, as part of Conservative Challenge Week. [Gannett Auditorium, 7 pm] His interactive lecture, "Exposing Leftist Lies That Have Obscured America's Greatness,” is co-sponsored by the Young America's Foundation.

Let's hope that one "leftist lie" Flynn will expose is that real Americans, to include the Young Republicans of Skidmore College, don't want to serve in our military.

OK, Co-President Laura Renz '06 and Co-President Tom Qualtier '08, prove us wrong. Be A Man! Enlist!


At 13 April, 2006 21:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Karl - I really was being serious when I said in an earlier post that this was a shame. Don't encourage recruiters to go to campuses if Students Against War, or whatever, will be there to chase them off. It's ridiculous. I hope that we communicate (better) our stand that the Left supports the troops, the soldiers, but not the war or the president.

I think that can be communicated without hassling any recruiters anywhere, at anytime. The military should always be made to feel at home on the Left - afterall, enough of us have family and friends in the military!

Also, see this crap that is being featured in this post at Instapundit: "THE MUDVILLE GAZETTE notes some people who aren't really supporting the troops."

I think it's a bunch of chicken hawks playing psych-ops in the comments myself.


At 14 April, 2006 04:32, Blogger Karl said...

I saw an article in the New Yorker in 1993, as the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" debate was heating up, discussing the relationship between the demos (people) and individual servicemembers doing their jobs.

During Vietnam, for the first time, the left targeted individual servicemembers, with not-so-good results; I fear that something similar may be happening.

There's no point in recruiters volunteering to provide an object of protest for the left. If the campus is that hostile, just skip it. The College Republicans there aren't interested in actually serving anyway.


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