Saturday, October 08, 2005

Young Republican, We're in Iraq; You're Not. Why?

Meet Young Republican Daniel Kinnamon, age 32, resident of the Glen Haven subdivision in Plainfield, Indiana, married to Debi, two children, Tori (age 5) and Brock (age 2), bachelor's degree in business from Valparaiso University (IN) and master's from Butler University (PA).

So, as you say, "It's important to know why we are in a war in Iraq. Hearing it straight from Senator Lugar is more important than hearing it from the media."

But I guess that Senator Lugar isn't that inspiring a leader. After all, even though you heard it straight from your Senator, it hasn't inspired you to volunteer to join the Army, which just missed its annual recruiting quota for the first time since 1999, with (or, I should say, without) the largest shortfall since 1979.

You seem to be qualified: healthy heterosexual male, seven years YOUNGER than the current maximum age of 39 (and 42 soon).

You were named Outstanding Young Republican Male for Central Indiana and District 4 Young Republican Chair. And you want to "grow the Young Republicans from three to 12 chapters (statewide)."

So, is political power more important than exercising your party's national leadership responsibility?


At 25 October, 2005 23:58, Blogger EricKinnamon said...

Wow, what poor reporting. What you did not mention is that my brother did try and join the army and was not allowed. Now is that good enough for you or do you want him to provide personal medical history so you can stop your slanted coverage?

Might I add, as his brother, that I and his other brother both served in the US Army. I am not sure, but are you insinuating that he does not care for his family and is willing to send both brothers off to die for a cause that he only supports because he doesn't go? He tried and could not, luckily, both his brothers were able to.

It is odd, but it is a family like mine and those similar that make it possible for people like you to exist. Without my family and those like us, people like you would be shuffled into gas chambers around the world. We stand up to the tyrants, we accept the responsibility, that some people must be stopped. While we make this sacrifice for those to be free, some of the people who are free, because of our actions, will mock us.

Go back under your rock and sleep peacefully, for those like me will continue to make sure people like you are safe and can exist.

Eric Kinnamon
91C/B <- Combat Medic and Combat Nurse


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