Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yellow WH Press Corps won't Ask The Question

Thanks to Terry Neal of the Washington Post for taking the White House Correspondents to task for refusing to Ask President Bush The Question. If Our President won't disclose whether he has even bothered to encourage his daughter Jenna to consider volunteering, why should any other American parent take him seriously?


At 20 October, 2005 23:28, Blogger CCP said...

Of course those two overfed, overprivileged Texas-sized c*nts wouldn't fight in Daddy's war.... they're too busy out pretending to be "doing good" while avoiding real service.

There's no future in it for them.

One wonders what these daddy's girls are doing -- biding their time until daddy marries them off to some oil bidness podnuh?

Rich Republican Whores... probably couldn't hack it in boot camp anyway... wouldn't want to interrupt their lives of drinking and carousing.

Typical ReThug trust fund babies...and yellow elephants to boot.


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