Sunday, September 11, 2005

Freedom Walk OYE/Mykeru OPs Video

Is up:

Freedom Walk Video


At 12 September, 2005 12:42, Blogger Karl said...

Well done!


At 12 September, 2005 14:08, Blogger J. said...

Fantastic video - that needs to be shown around everywhere.

At 12 September, 2005 15:18, Blogger Sadie B. said...

I was checking the internet all day long yesterday for news of that event. All I saw was a mention in the CNN story -- not even the headline story, but the one on "Sept 11 Observances" which was mostly about NYC and the one in Pennsylvania, in which they casually mentioned "throngs" who turned up at the Pentagon Ceremony.

"That's it?" I thought, wondering whether I didn't have the date wrong, if Warapalooza wasn't taking place later on in the month. I thought it would be top of the headlines, all day long, Clint Black and flags and stuff, and people with babies.

And now the mystery is solved. After watching your video I can understand why they didn't want anyone to see this. I've seen bigger and more racially diverse crowds at a family reunion.

At 12 September, 2005 20:58, Blogger Chip G. said...

excellent! too bad Scotty can't just beam every single one of those people to Fallujah...

At 13 September, 2005 00:21, Blogger burnplant said...

You are the King, Reverend.

That is the best and the commentary at the end was great.


At 16 September, 2005 08:02, Blogger Otakar said...

Bravo!! You truly walk the talk! This definitely proves that the loudmouths calling us liberals traitors are nothing but chicken sh!t chicken hawks.... Nuf said!


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