Thursday, January 04, 2007

True National Leaders Don't Split The Difference

As the loyal opposition takes control of both Houses of Congress today, it's essential to remember the message the American people sent last November: Make real decisions; don't split the difference.

If we're going to send our troops, including the 82nd Airborne (above), into harm's way, we have to do our homework. If you're not willing to send enough to accomplish the mission, then accept your decision and bring them all home. Don't send just enough troops to lose.

And, if you really care about credible national leadership, that means that the new Democratic leaders in Congress also need to encourage their eligible relatives and friends, their campaign contributors, their circles of influence, to volunteer for military service or encourage their own eligible circles of influence to do the same.

Leadership means responsibility as well as authority. We welcome the new Democratic majority to Congress and sincerely hope they will do the right thing.

Hat tip also to The New York Times.


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