Sunday, October 29, 2006

How College and Young Republicans 'Support' Our Troops!

Well, it seems that our Army is finally making itself evolve, the better to address its mission. Here's why:

The prospect of combat in Iraq for at least another four years is prompting the Army to realign its forces to prevent a small slice of soldiers who are shouldering much of the fighting from wearing out.

Pentagon records show one-fifth of the Army's active-duty troops have served multiple tours of war duty while more than 40% haven't been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

. . .

Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where many Special Forces soldiers are based, is home to the Army's most-deployed soldier. That soldier, whom the Army declined to identify, has been sent to Iraq or Afghanistan nine times.

Isn't that enough for one real American patriot? At least for a while? Can't he have, say, a year home with his family and/or friends?

Come on, College and Young Republicans, let's see you Support Our Troop! That's right: Give this guy a break!

Hat tip also to Steve Gilliard.


At 29 October, 2006 11:30, Blogger KayInMaine said...

It's the donkeys of the nation who have the stamina to get the job done!

Those fat elephants just can't. They're needed here at home to continue to learn how to rob America blind while other's fight their wars based on lies.

Awwww, how cute....elephants who spend their lives stealing but pretend to be pro-American.


At 31 October, 2006 00:29, Blogger davidp said...

Very good point.

I go to college here in Connecticut, it is so sick to see these zit faced college republicans drinking beer and livin it up in college...while there are some kids younger than them fighting those ''islamo-fascists''. I guess they
don't feel the threat is so urgent that they need to enlist.

By the way the military is stretched thin. The best way to support your troops is not to slap a magnet made in
China on your car....It is to ENLIST.


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