Monday, July 11, 2005

Corporate Media Notices OYE

The Question is now being asked.

And the satirists have answered it.

Along with the non-corporate The Nation.



At 11 July, 2005 17:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the very least, the College Republicans and other sites could post links to sites that support our troops. More than sending Chapstick, I mean.

At 11 July, 2005 18:41, Blogger SarahLee said...

Have you read these reports:

Undercover at the College Republicans National Convention
Our two undercover bloggers, Conventioneer and Conventionette, report on all the events at the College Republican National Convention in Arlington, VA.

At 12 July, 2005 04:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say that someone cannot have a valid opinion about the war without having served in the military (especially when those making the chicken hawk argument have not served themselves) is ridiculous and a flawed argument.

One could just as easily say that one who opposes the war has no right to say so because they have not joined the insurgency to resist the invasion. It's a fallacy, and it may make a funny little catchphrase. But those making that argument are full of shit.

At 12 July, 2005 04:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is the vast majority of those soldiers serving in the armed forces are Republicans, and voted for George Bush in 2004. You may fool the inmates of the Democratic Underground and naive college activists. But you are full of shit, and you know it.

At 12 July, 2005 09:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's your point, Henry VIII? It's great that a vast majority of those currently serving support the war and therefore signed on to do their duty (that IS what you're implying, isn't it? It wouldn't be the case that a vast majority of those currently serving would rather be anywhere else?). But there are a lot more of those supporters out there who have yet to put their money where their mouths are. I don't see that OYE's campaign and your point that most soldiers are Republicans are incompatible in any way. The armed forces clearly need more war supporters!

At 12 July, 2005 13:22, Blogger Karl said...

Henry VIII-

Professor Illuminata is right.

A significant percentage of our military are members of our governing party, as is their right.

But the other way around is not also true: A significant proportion of, OK, Republicans, are eligible to serve but have not considered it.

And that's now a problem for our country.

Hence, Operation Yellow Elephant.

We want to Support Our Troops. And the best way is to encourage more and better qualified Americans to consider serving themselves.

Please see OYE 101 for the details.

Thank you.


At 12 July, 2005 14:26, Blogger Jessica said...

Go yellow Ellie.


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