Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Battle Hymn of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders

The Admiral from Blogday Afternoon (Attica! Attica!) left this little ditty in the General's comments.

The Battle Hymn of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders
(Sung to the tune of the Marine Corps Hymn)

'tween the walls of mommy's basement
On the floors our spunk has stained
We fight our fights through proxy
With a mouse, keyboard, and brain
First to call for wars of freedom
Policies that kill the poor
We'll do the least that we can do
And fight with our keyboard.

Our George was safe - he made the Guard
And Rush had a sore ass;
Deferments saved Dick's butt five times
But not the working class;
In the dorms of far-off college quads
A light year from the war
You will find us cursin' Democrats
One Hundred-One Keyboards.

There's beer for us and guns for them
And each one has a role;
We're many so glib, we'll flame a Lib,
As warfare takes its toll;
If the Army and the Navy
Are understaffed in war;
Go find another place to turn
We're the One Oh One Keyboards.

Crossposted to Jesus' General.


At 21 July, 2005 19:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 22 July, 2005 01:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, so true.

At 27 July, 2005 20:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply gay as fuck.
Of course you couldnt actually make your own damn hymn you just put your lame words to it.

stupid libs and cons fighting all the time.

At 29 July, 2005 11:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice discourse here


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