Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wisconsin CR's Called Out

You gonna sit and take this, CR's? Stand up for yourselves for christsakes.
The poor College Republicans. They used to represent so much good. Figures like Karl Rove, Lee Atwater –– OK, maybe not good for good, but at least good for whatever they were fighting for (what was that again?).

For much of my time at UW-Madison, they were a miserly organization. Comically poor public speaking skills made the College Republicans the laughingstock of the campus press. However, I talked to the new heads of the College Republicans last year and they seemed aware of the need to re-image the organization from the customary parade of far-right speakers and self-pitying op-ed columns (liberal campus, wah, wah, wah) to advocacy for a more palatable brand of conservatism.



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