Thursday, August 12, 2010

Derek Jeter strikes out

All Star athlete, minor league mouth. (via)
Except, unfortunately for Derek Jeter, who looks into the camera and says, “To the troops, wanna thank you for your support…” Fingernails on a chalkboard. I gather the captain meant something on the order of, “I want to thank you for everything you do, because without your efforts, my life of highly compensated professional athleticism wouldn’t be possible,” a sentiment that Nick Swisher expresses with great enthusiasm in a different commercial. Still, he comes across like he was addressing his fan club.
As a sidenote, and to make this post relevant to this blog, we'd like to recognize Nick Francona, the son of the manager of the Boston Red Sox, for stepping up.
"I don't think of myself as special or different because of who my father or my family is," he said. "Being a Marine is special enough in and of itself. But I realize that I have an opportunity here, to let people know how special this thing is.

"It's almost eerie, but when you're a Marine you feel a real connection to the guys before, the ones who fought in Vietnam and World War II and World War I. They paid the price, and now it's up to our generation to bear that burden."


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Yankees suck and Jeter is a wus!

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