Monday, April 26, 2010

What Central Michigan University students are doing right

Operation Yellow Elephant appreciates the engaged discussion, in comments and via e-mail, on yesterday's post which is very much on our topic. So, giving credit where credit is due [and recognizing the space limitations on the original story in the campus newspaper], we appreciate the following about Central Michigan University [CMU]:
Support from Back Home . . .

The Michigan Army National Guard's 125th Infantry Division's Company C of Wyoming, MI (near Grand Rapids) has deployed to Afghanistan; we applaud such demonstrations of community support, including the t-shirts and donations to cover the shipping [which is not cheap]. Furthermore, we know from personal experience that the best thing you can do to Support Our Troops is to send something homemade.

. . . and from your Buddies

We understand that only part of the unit is deployed, and that many of its other current or recent members [i.e., veterans] are now students at CMU; some of them may be going later. It appears that they are encouraging their campus friends also to support their buddies downrange, and this is to be commended. Frankly, if more people in our country personally knew someone wearing the uniform, or recent veterans, our country would be better for it.

Bipartisanship is great!

Although the article only discusses Republicans, and the CMU College Republicans organized the event, one comment indicates that the CMU College Democrats also showed up. We commend this kind of cooperation by both organizations.

Some have served, or committed to doing so

We thank CMU student veterans for their service, and salute those in ROTC/OCS/something similar for their commitment to serving in the future.

Not everyone is eligible to serve; many do what they can

This blog focuses exclusively on military-eligible young men [healthy heterosexuals; the maximum age to enlist without prior service is 41-or-under]. Those not eligible to serve are basically off the hook with us - we appreciate all that they do to Support Our Troops!
OYE Comment:

We'll continue with this discussion in the coming days.

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