Sunday, April 25, 2010

The clueless Central Michigan College Republicans

Instead of sending their own asses into combat they'll send a banner with signatures.
College Republicans held the second “Salute to the Troops” event Wednesday in Central Park, next to the Charles V. Park Library. A banner was supplied for students to sign and send to the Michigan Army National Guard’s 125th Infantry Division’s Company C of Wyoming, stationed in Afghanistan.

As usual they toss out the "well I know lots of people in uniform" line as though that somehow insulates them from considering to serve.
“I know lots of people in the military — I’ve got family in the military and friends right here at CMU who are about to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan,” said Travis Faber, Battle Creek senior and member of the College Republicans.
And here's another one that has a friend of a friend that served.
Kevin Cotter, Republican candidate for State Representative of the 99th District, attended and said he knows someone nrecently out of the military. He said he thinks it will mean a lot to the troops.

“I think it also is good to bring awareness to the students here on campus as they see this and sign — it brings it to the forefront of their mind the sacrifices that others are making to protect our freedoms,” Cotter said.

At least they were able to raise some loot for the troops. A full $23.91. Barely enough to get a College Republican drunk on $4 pitcher of beer night.
“It takes half a second to sign your name to something that will hopefully bring a lot of joy to somebody that’s over in a country really far away from here,” Faber said.

The total amount of donations made was $23.91 and about 517 signed the banner.

If you want to have a look at these jokers here's their Facebook page.



At 25 April, 2010 17:58, Blogger Karl said...

This proves that the Central Michigan College Republicans are either not healthy [meeting height-weight standards, that is] or not heterosexual, or both, and thus ineligible under current law, regulations and policies to serve in our military.

But one would at least think they would have the political sensitivity not to insult our troops downrange by sending a signed banner supposedly to cheer them up. Unless it's signed by females, with photos, O.K.

At 25 April, 2010 19:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are completely soulless. What the Hell is wrong with you? Since when is it an insult to remind a combat troop that people support them?

At 25 April, 2010 19:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl, you do realize that there are other health reasons other than not meeting BMI standards that people are excluded from serving in the military for, right?

At 25 April, 2010 20:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously fuck you guys. You must be totally worthless people to denigrate someone trying to support the troops. The College Republicans were out showing their support for the brave men and women serving on their behalf oversees, and attacking them for it is sick. Yeah, they sent a banner with over 500 signatures and personal notes to soldiers serving in Afghanistan, but why is that a bad thing? It said "THANK YOU" in big fucking letters across the front. Should we not tell those serving on our behalf thank you? The banner was signed by people in the same unit as the guys over seas, are you trying to say they are bad people for not going over early like the 65 other guys in their unit did? It was signed by the president of the College Democrats, Brad O'Donnell, and the former president of the College Democrats, Karl Bouwhuis, shouldn't you be attacking the College Dems. for not really supporting the war because all they did was sign a thank you banner? Several people in the military or going into to military attended the event, I don't know if you noticed the future marine playing the bagpipes for 2 hours, are you trying to say they are bad people for going to college before they went on active duty?
The CMU college Republicans also collected 150 T-shirts to send over to the Unit in Afghanistan, who the hell do you think is going to pay for the shipping? The answer is that college republicans are going to pay it out of there own pockets.

I am in the the College Republicans so I know all of them and can tell you that a good number of them have considered or are considering going into the service. That note aside, There is more to fighting a war than just serving in the armed forces. Yeah, those people that do it are some of the greatest Americans on earth, but they need our help, they need to know that the people that sent them over there are supporting them for the great sacrificer they make. What the college republican's are doing, showing their support for the troops, is a vital part of every war effort this country has ever undertaken. That's why so many former and present military personnel came to the event to say thank you, because they know how important events like that are. What you need to ask yourselves is, what have I done to help the war effort and what have I done to help soldiers who are putting their lives on the line every day? Have you sent them care packs? Have you written one letter to a solider saying, "thanks for what your doing, I'll keep you in my prayers"? Have you even taken 5 seconds out of your life to put your name on a thank you banner to thank some guys who are living in a hellhole, fighting a war on your behalf? If your only answer is, I attacked some people trying to show their support, not for the war but simply for the soldiers serving on my behalf you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. Take a long fucking look in the mirror, because you really need to see what a bad person looks like.

If your not willing to stand behind the brave men and women in the U.S. military, feel free to stand in front of them when the bullets start flying.


At 25 April, 2010 20:25, Blogger Karl said...

Anonymous [25 April, 2010 19:30]

Yes, there are many eligibility criteria to serve in our military, not just Body Mass Index [BMI]. One of them is heterosexuality [10 USC Sec 654, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy]. If the CMU CRs really want to Support Our Troops, they'll support repeal of the policy. Pls. provide link to press release to this effect.

This blog focuses almost exclusively on those eligible to serve who support military action overseas provided that "other people" do the actual fighting. If you're a male not personally eligible to serve, you're off the hook with this blog. Thank you for doing what you can.

But if you are eligible to serve, please be prepared to explain whether you have considered volunteering yourself and what resulted from your deliberations. It's a fair question.

Thank you for participating in this discussion.

At 25 April, 2010 20:34, Blogger OYE said...

T.J.F. [Anonymous 25 April, 2010 20:16]

Thank you for your comment, and for including the blog name T.J.F. to distinguish it from other Anonymous comments.

Interim response. Thank you for providing additional information beyond what's in the article. We'll have to get back to you, probably on another day. Please stay tuned.

At 25 April, 2010 22:50, Blogger Wek said...

"I am in the the College Republicans so I know all of them and can tell you that a good number of them have considered or are considering going into the service."-T.J.F.

Get back to us when they reach their final decisions. We sincerely hope they join The Military. Also you may wish to "take a long fucking look in the mirror" and ask yourself if you could have done more to support the troops than send a signed banner and T-shirts. Maybe like enlisting?

At 26 April, 2010 08:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So 517 people signed a banner and they collected $23.91 in donations. So they averaged $.04 per signature. Four cents per person? I could step outside my office with a can and do better than that.

At 26 April, 2010 14:09, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Republicans are natural cowards. College Republicans are worse because while they are cowards, they go to school to learn how to be especially cowardly and purposefully choose not to join because of their lack of testicles.


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