Monday, February 15, 2010

Little wonder why Meet The Press ratings blow

Yesterday Meet The Press invited two pathetic guests to discuss terrorism ....actually, three pathetic guests if you include David Brooks, but for OYE's purposes we'll just focus on Rep. Aaron Schock and former Rep. Harold Ford.

Keep in mind that Aaron and Harold are currently of age to serve in uniform.

Here's the segment:

How are either of these jokers qualified to discuss national security? Particularly Harold Ford* who voted for the War in Iraq as a Congressman, but even after his failed attempt to become a Senator never considered enlisting to assist the servicemen he sent into combat.

Schock is hardly better. None of the committees he sits on are anything remotely resembling national security. And frankly, he looks rattled when discussing security issues. Like he'd cross the street if someone wearing traditional Muslim clothing came his way.

Truly awful television. Meet The Press has become as terrible as the Happy Days spinoff show, "Joanie Loves Chachi".

(*he's another 'Daddy's Girl' having won the TN-09 seat once held by his father)

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