Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few Items

- No where in the world last night were there more cowards in one building.
Senior Bush adviser Karl Rove planned to address a Concordia College gathering Tuesday night. It was organized by the Concordia Conservatives and College Republicans. He was expected to fill a 700-seat auditorium on the Moorhead campus.

- When you use words like "hip" or "cool", you are neither.
“Republicans have the stereotype of being old pudgy men who sit around. That’s just not true. Look at all the young people at the Tea Parties. The Democrats have the young and sexy image, but as a whole, Americans are pretty conservative. My focus is to make being a Republican hip and cool again.”

- Another GOP candidate jumps into the race in Ethan Hastert's district. Poor Ethan thought running on his daddy's name would scare others away.
State Sen. Randall Hultgren, R-Wheaton, will add his candidacy to the already-crowded Republican field seeking to reclaim its 14th Congressional District from Democrats next year.
- Marco Rubio, the man who won't give an opinion about the wars Our Country is in, seems to be polling well within the GOP.
Though he's trailed Crist by double figures in polls of Florida Republicans, when it comes to the people active in the Florida Party, Rubio, a former speaker of the Florida House, has wowed them with speeches full of values such as fiscal restraint, social conservatism, strength abroad, and opposition to massive government intrusions into the economy such as cap and trade, which Crist fancies. In straw votes among eight county Republican executive committees, Rubio has swamped Crist 358 to 32. In Hernando County, just one county away from Crist's home county of Pinellas, Rubio pitched a 46-0 shutout.


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