Sunday, September 27, 2009

This will be Matt Continetti's future (and present)

OYE has well documented the cowardice of Matt Continetti, the Weekly Standard writer who was famously called out on CNBC. He's not going to surprise us by finally stepping up and enlisting, we know this since the guy is encapable of defending himself from a mosquito, much less defending Our Country.

So after reading Glenn Greenwald's post destroying the chickenhawk, David Brooks, we couldn't help but think this type of well-deserved mockery will be in Continetti's future as a pundit.

In today's New York Times, the grizzled warrior David Brooks performs a chest-beating war dance over Afghanistan of the type he and his tough guy comrades perfected in the run-up to the Iraq War. It's filled with self-glorifying "war-is-hell" neocon platitudes that make the speaker feel tough and strong. No more hiding like cowards in our bases. It's time to send "small groups of American men and women outside the wire to dangerous places." Those opposing escalation are succumbing to the "illusion of the easy path." Chomping on a cigar in his war room, he roars: "all out or all in." The central question: will we "surrender the place to the Taliban?," etc. etc


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