Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The nonsense that continues.

What a goddamn joke. As though the Air Force would be better off if he got the boot.
Fehrenbach faced anti-aircraft fire, surface-to-air missiles and a mechanical problem on his wingman's plane. Still, the weapons systems officer aboard the plane helped destroy the enemy position and helped clear the way for the Army to take the airport that night. For his heroism, the Notre Dame grad won an Air Medal with a valor device, one of his nine Air Medals.

Five years later, Fehrenbach confronted a crisis in a very different setting. A Boise police detective sat across a conference table questioning him about an alleged crime.

Fehrenbach, stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base, was in a Catch-22. To clear himself of the claim he'd raped a man, Fehrenbach could tell police his side of the story. But admitting he'd had consensual sex could get him kicked out of the Air Force he loved after 18 years.


At 29 September, 2009 19:30, Blogger Sisu said...

Oh, for God's sake! When are they going to end this already?

At 30 September, 2009 14:03, Blogger Wek said...

Whenever the Obama administration decides to get off their asses.


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