Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sort of Off Topic

But we can't resist noting when College/Young Republicans start pulling hair and scratching faces. Here's our new friend Mytheos Holt commenting on Meghan McCain:
In a recent column excoriating Michelle Malkin for having the temerity to suggest that she should actually do some research and develop some principles, Meghan McCain writes, “The old conservatives of the past need to start accepting that this is a new era and I am a part of a new generation.” This “new generation” (which, presumably, Ms. McCain is speaking for) is apparently one whose values are being “moderate” and “inclusive” and which has an “emotional connection” to the Republican Party. This last part is somewhat gratifying, as if Ms. McCain claimed an intellectual connection to anything, it would risk reducing her readers to fits of hysterics not seen since Monty Python’s fictional “killer joke,” but this small bit of relief is vastly overshadowed by a few very simple truths, which are easily proven:

1. Ms. McCain does not speak for the new generation of Republicans or conservatives.

2. Ms. McCain has failed to live up to her own ideals of “inclusiveness” on numerous occasions.

3. Ms. McCain’s ideas are not, contrary to her spin, new. In fact, they are older by far than the ideas espoused by those she derides as “old conservatives of the past.”


At 27 August, 2009 02:20, Blogger the rev. paperboy said...

there is a marvelous word in German for the uberdouchebag in this photo: "backpfeifengesicht" - a face that cries out for a fist in it.
I'm not advocating anything, I'm just saying that it describes that photo.


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