Friday, August 14, 2009

Hypocrisy from the Left? Michael O'Hanlon and the Congo

Brookings Institution think tank-ist Michael O'Hanlon has a column in the Washington Post today, "U.S. Boots on Congo Ground," proposing that the U.S. create a new unit for peacekeeping operations, to include in the eastern Congo [DROC].

This may not be a bad idea, and it shows that he's done a lot of his homework. [The column, and his bio, confirm that O'Hanlon served in the Peace Corps in the then-Zaire in the 1980s, which gives him some credibility.] But one thing is missing:

Where's Michael O'Hanlon encouraging real Americans who agree with him to volunteer to serve, or support those who serve, in such a unit? Or, does O'Hanlon support a U.S. military presence in the Congo only if "other people" actually serve there?

Difference between O'Hanlon and the Yellow Elephants: Nothing, or close to it.


At 15 August, 2009 09:25, Blogger Ski Ninja! said...

Normally I'd defend anyone who's left on the political scale. This case is not really different. I don' think he really meant that send other people in his or his kids stead. He's served. That's a start.

At 21 August, 2009 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, actually he can't serve, even if he wanted to. A tour in the Peace Corps is a bar to enlistment. As is a tour in a "foreign mercenary army", i.e the French Foreign Legion.

At 22 August, 2009 11:34, Blogger Wek said...

Anon- no he cannot serve, he's well above the enlistment age. But what O'Hanlon can do is encourage his Military eligible peers and supporters to serve.


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