Sunday, March 22, 2009

The nonsense of DADT

Future generations are going to look back on the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' issue and say "what the eff was wrong with everyone back then?".
Now, notice that Dan is not wearing a dress. He's wearing the Army's standard ACU. Also, notice that Dan is not wearing makeup, eyeliner, or dangly earrings. He's just wearing the normal Kevlar helmet and protective eyewear that you typically see infantrymen wear in Iraq. Observe that Dan also looks as though he's barking orders, something infantry officers sometimes have to do in dangerous situations. What he's not doing, however, is hitting on the other male soldiers in his unit. And he's not spying on his fellow male soldiers in the shower.

Dan isn't doing any of these things because he's a professional. And this is important to note, because Dan is gay. In fact, Dan recently helped found a new group of former West Pointers and Army officers just like him.

OYE Comment: Please listen to the audio provided in the hyperlink. The ridiculous justifications given to keep DADT are getting flimsier each year.


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