Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook + College Republicans = X

Leigh Wolf, defender of the many cowardly College Republicans, typed a column on what it'll take for the Republican Party to regain the youth vote.
The Republican Party learned a hard lesson in technology during the 2008 Presidential election. Realizing Obama obliterated the Grand Old Party by using all the shiny new technology he could get his hands on, our party was left desperately searching for our own plan.

The College Republicans have been effectively using new media since 2004. I recall many conversations with a multitude of Republicans where I practically begged them to use Facebook, or the now passé MySpace. I was told time and again that these were just passing fads and that "all the tech stuff" was unproven and therefore not worth the GOP's time. Republicans were completely unaware that these "passing fads" were exactly the opposite. Young voters get their news, TV and radio from the internet. They access politics almost exclusively on the web. It’s impossible to reach large numbers of young voters through old school methods.
OYE Comment: What at are you talking about, Leigh? We just did a post on a Young Republican that effectively used the new media to........oh nevermind. It was a pretty lame attempt on his part, huh?

Leigh, it's not so much a technology gap the youthful Republicans face as much as it is a credibility chasm. Ask your peers to do as you alluded to have done, and enlist. Judging from how they hide behind you it appears you are a person of influence in their eyes.


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