Friday, April 04, 2008

Correction of the Day

from the New York Times:
A headline on a report in the World Briefing column on Tuesday [April 1] about a posthumous Medal of Honor for Michael A. Monsoor [above], a member of the Navy Seals who threw himself on a grenade in Iraq to save his colleagues, misstated his rank. He was a petty officer second class; he was not a commissioned “Navy Officer.” Because of an editing error, the report also misstated the number of people who have received the honor since the beginning of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Petty Officer Monsoor became the fourth, not the fifth.
OYE Comment:

Petty Officer Monsoor's family will receive his Medal of Honor at the White House on Tuesday, April 8. RIP.


At 08 April, 2008 04:22, Anonymous Simon said...

It's no worse than when the NY Post had called an Army medic a Marine, when they had a picture of her in her ACUs. But it's still a poor job of getting the facts straight. The NY Times is supposed to be of a higher caliber than this.


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