Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Correction of the Day

from the New York Times: For the Record, International

An article on Friday [March 21] about the near-autonomy that Army and Marine captains have in the Iraq war described the rank of captain incorrectly and misidentified the type of bonus that captains may receive if they continue beyond their initial commitment. Captains are officers who are commissioned, not enlisted, and therefore they receive retention bonuses, not re-enlistment bonuses.
OYE Comment

All Americans need to acknowledge the debt they owe to Army and Marine Captains, among other servicemembers, for their sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is essential to the security of our country that the pressure of deployments, etc., be eased. Their combat and other experiences cannot be replicated and should be retained for the benefit of future Soldiers and Marines they lead. It would be a national tragedy if even more of them decided, for legitimate reasons, that they can't do it any more and it's someone else's turn.


At 28 March, 2008 13:13, Blogger Rogue said...

Write Congress and tell them to increase military manpower. This is the most realistic way of reducing PERSTEMPO.

At 04 April, 2008 08:08, Blogger Doppelganger said...

Kind of a tough sell when republicans have been cutting veteran's benefits and/or not signing on to increases in them.

Apparently, the pseudomanly right only loves the troops when they are dying for their ideology, not after they've come home missing a limb.


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