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"An Honest Conversation," by Steve Gilliard, posted June 22, 2005, and still current

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - but now more relevant than ever.

An Honest Conversation by Steve Gilliard

This will be brief.

We need to be honest here: Iraq is not worth one more dead American.

People on the right and left want some deus ex machina to save Iraq, but we have, collectively, come to a simple conclusion:

Iraq is not worth dying for. Not for the warmongers on the right or the liberal hawks on the left.

It's bad the soldiers are trapped there, but we have made it their problem. No one is willingly going to join them, and 5,000 have deserted so far.

When you ask liberal hawks to enlist, they are offended by the question.

When you ask conservatives to enlist, they are offended by the question.

And America's parents are NOT sending their kids to die in Iraq if they can, at all, help it. No one blows up IEDs at Wal Mart.

We have a volunteer army with fewer and fewer volunteers, and people reenlisting only to save their friends. There is a time limit to their ability to be in combat. They cannot serve forever. They will have to be replaced. And fewer and fewer are willing to replace them.

What I want people to do is be honest.

If you will not serve in Iraq, and no one you know will serve, stop expecting someone else to do what you will not.

Therefore, it is time to stop calling for more troops, or the U.S. to make Iraq safe. We cannot do this and even Americans are refusing to join the fight. It is time to look at your actions and realize that, despite your ideals, you oppose continuing this war. In practical terms, you have decided that this war is not worth your life or anyone you know. And millions of Americans have joined you in this decision.

So, with this fact evident, it is time to call for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq. Not save it, not add more boots on the ground. You have already voted by your actions. It is time that you match it with your words.

from Steve Gilliard's News Blog, June 22, 2005.


At 20 December, 2006 17:25, Blogger Grunge_Genie_Weenie said...

Why don't you shut up! Everyone knows this is the BEST WAR EVER! And the people who are dying, and suffering tramatic brain injuries, destroying their families and marriages, losing arms and legs, having their souls blackened and shredded are just worthless Americans anyway. Soldiers are nothing more than cogs in the military machine to be fixed when damaged and recyceled back into Iraq over and over and over until they've been destroyed.

Hooray for our Side!

At 20 December, 2006 21:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the Pentagon is asking for $99.7Billion (Not $100Billion, that would be very French) I think we have a great opportunity to each, and I mean every one of us, man woman child, to pitch in $333.00 to pay for this war. What a great opportunity to support our great war and be patriots.


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