Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome Tennessee Columnist Tom Humphrey to Operation Yellow Elephant

Tom Humphrey, Chief of the Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel's Nashville news bureau, included Jim Bryson for Governor as a likely loser:

Bryson has little going for him except baseline, yellow-elephant Republicanism (worth about 33 percent of the statewide vote) and a handful of Bredesen-irritated Democrats, independents and loser-lovers (maybe 4 percent of the vote). His only message, not communicated because of a lack of funds, may be boiled down to "I'm BIG JIM, Republican, not little, sleazy Bredesen."

That says it all. Thank you, General, Sir!


At 08 November, 2006 11:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davey Crocket died at the Alamo. He tried to surrender but they weren't taking prisoners. There's always the 10% that never get the word.


The word is out. Are you in the 10%?


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