Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tom Ricks joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Tom Ricks, former Washington Post reporter covering military issues, now blogs at The Best Defense at Foreign Policy.
Rommney's sons?

An acquaintance of mine who served with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, and whose son and son-in-law are both preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, wonders why none of Governor Romney's many sons ever saw fit to join the military. Romney's response is, Hey, I thought it was a volunteer military. Yet if everyone volunteered at the rate his family has, we would be forced to re-institute a draft. I wonder if he has ever discussed joining the military with any of his sons, and if so, whether he encouraged them or discouraged them.
OYE Comment: We thought the same thing, and warmly welcome Tom Ricks to Operation Yellow Elephant.

Let's see if anyone responds to our comments [#1 and #2] to this effect.

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