Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celebrities at Marine Corps Balls

We salute Sgt Scott Moore, USMC, for starting a trend: YouTube invitations to celebrities, in his case actress Mila Kunis, to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. November 10 was the 236th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps; celebrations take place all month.
"It's a huge honor just to be invited, it is. [ . . . ] Talking to people and hearing their stories, being a part of something that truly I know nothing about but I'm incredibly eager to learn."
OYE Comment

We've always said, if more prominent Americans personally knew some of our enlisted servicemembers or junior officers - those most at risk in combat - our country would be a better place.

And now Mila Kunis is one of them. What a great lady!

We also take note of another celebrity, "Dancing with the Stars" alum Kristin Cavallari, who attended a Marine Ball in California with Lance Cpl. Jonathan Burkett. Hat tip to Huffington Post.

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