Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chris Cox in Primary 14 Sept.

We haven't forgotten about Chris Cox. His Primary Election is Tuesday, September 14. Other candidates are businessman Randy Altschuler and former government attorney George Demos. No candidate in this Republican Primary is a military veteran.

The winner will face Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop, whose official website contains useful and practical information on how the American people can Support Our Troops. Mr. Bishop has not served in our military, according to his official biography.



At 25 September, 2010 16:52, Blogger HUNTER WATSON said...

General note to the readers:

Sean Hannity's cover is membership in the Conservative Party of New York, but this multiple college drop out and former bartender's web site ( gives us sixty four hits for "support our troops" and features him displayed against the American flag. His bio on Wiki conspicuously omits military service. He'd have been in his prime at the time of the Gulf War.

Technically he's not an elephant, but, haha, we all know better....

At 25 September, 2010 19:28, Blogger Michael Ejercito said...

So what?


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