Thursday, September 03, 2009

If this gig doesn't work out daddy will find something for Ethan

(Eatin' Hastert? Check out the belly hanging over the belt.)

Evidently the people in Illinois' 14th Congressional District are not impressed with Ethan Hastert. It's nice to know nepotism will get someone only so far.

From the Daily Herald comment section:

Cant this guy find a real job and not get dragged on daddys coat tails. Republicans in this district need to find qualified candidates and forget about some family dynasty for the Hasterts. Other than his last name I cant see why anyone thinks he is in the running.

Cant daddy find him a nice lobbying job like the overpaid lobbyist in DuPage county?

Most of the 70+ comments within the Daily Chronicle article featuring Ethan aren't too kind, either.

We should vote the new generation in? How about someone w/out family ties first.

Not a good start, Ethan. Perhaps had he carved his own path, doing something his old man never did, like enlisting, Ethan would have the credibility to ask the constituents for their votes.



At 04 September, 2009 16:47, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Well, since Dennis Hastert left the House his use of Government to enrich himself and his cronies has hit a snag with the Democrat Bill Foster, who replaced him, planning on using the money set aside for Hastert's Prairie Parkway for other roadways.

Ethan needs to replace Foster and get the Parkway up and running again! Those People who backed his dad are little miffed they aren't getting the monies earlier allocated nor graft from the Stimulus!

Think of all the roadwork deals they could get by putting another Hastert in Power!

At 06 September, 2009 17:00, Blogger patriotaxiom said...

OYE, it's like looking at the sun...mesmerizing, but incredibly damaging to your body.


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