Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sam Bond, a Credible Republican

Here's a column on the Iraq War by Missouri Senator Kit Bond (R). OYE Money quote (at the end):

U.S. Sen. Kit Bond’s only son, Sam Bond, is serving in Iraq on his second tour of duty. [emphasis in original]

OYE Comment:

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Lt. Sam Bond, USMC, and his father, Senator Kit Bond, for their service to our nation. We wish them all the best. It's clear to America that Senator Bond's only son wearing the uniform and serving - twice - in Iraq is relevant to possible respect for his opinion on the war; that's why the Kansas City Star mentioned it.


At 16 August, 2007 17:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bond is a long time Bush-enabler, but you've got to admire his son. Safe travels.


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