Saturday, July 14, 2007

Y'all is Yella

By putting himself in hostile environments, Chris Vucovich shares many of the same qualities as Our Country's Infantrymen. On Thursday, in front of Alabama's State Capitol Building, Mr. Vucovich angrily confronted war protester/mother of a slain soldier Cindy Sheehan and an entourage of Veterans that "hate America so much." Although outnumbered, for much of the conversation Chris dominated the discourse by adhering to the axiom 'whoever speaks the loudest, wins' . . . . and then some of the Veterans began probing.

Vet "How long did you serve?"

Chris Vucovich (C.V.) "I didn't serve."

Vet "Why aren't you serving?"

C.V. "I'll be more than happy to. I'm 31 years old. They don't want me."

Vet "They want you til you're 40 [actually, 41-and-under] now."

C.V. "You know what? They want, they want me to make money so I can pay for it."

Vet "They didn't make their recruiting goal."

C.V. "If George Bush said we need men right now I'll go."

Mr. President, if in your surfing of the 'internets' you stumble across this post, here is Chris' E-mail address as it appears he's waiting for your personal invitation to Be A Man! Enlist! As O.Y.E. has documented the "right now" Mr. Vucovich is referring to is upon us.

Hat Tip to the Anon at 11:04 on 13 Friday.


At 19 July, 2007 21:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. this is excellent. It is about time these fascists who believe that corporations Should rule us put their blood where their mouths are.

Right on brother... You should see some more traffic here.


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