Sunday, August 05, 2007

Siva Joins Operation Yellow Elephant

Sivacracy is a blog that opines on various subjects. Money quote:

Yellow Elephants and Chickenhawk Rich Kids

The issue is duty. The problem is hypocrisy.

People who support a war have a duty to enlist in the arms service. As William James wrote, "a belief is that upon which you are willing to act." If our nation is so threatened that it is worth sacrificing the life of any of us, then it is worth sacrificing the lives of all of us. Anything less is a lie to yourself and others.
[ . . . ]

When rich Republican men and women start acting on their beliefs instead of leeching off the work and dead bodies of the working poor in the this country, we will shut up about Yellow Elephants and the like. [ . . . ]

Of course, Siva has acknowledged [in the comments] that he just turned 35. Well, the Army Reserve's maximum age is now 41-or-under. He's also stated that he's out of shape [i.e., not currently otherwise qualified]. On the other hand, if our national leadership evolves into something you can support, please do what you urge of others and at least consider volunteering for military service.

In the meantime, start getting in shape.


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