Saturday, July 07, 2007

Chickenhawk Talking Points

The Young Americas Foundation, sponsor of the National Conservative Student Conference, has prepared Chickenhawk Talking Points to help refute the so-called "Chickenhawk Argument."

By definition, Chickenhawks are too old to serve and are therefore not of concern to this blog. However, we'll be presenting each "Chickenhawk Talking Point" separately, along with our comments. Here's the intro:

Beating "Chicken Hawk" Criticism


Leftists frequently avoid debate about the strategic reasons for waging war by personally attacking those who make arguments supporting war. They are quick to label those who support war, but who have not served personally as hypocrites or “Chicken Hawks.” Because the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens have not served in our nation’s armed forces, the Left wants to prevent or disqualify as many Americans as possible from contributing to the national dialogue.

OYE Response:

This blog wants to Support Our President and has not taken a position on the war. We welcome participation in political dialogue by all Americans and are actually trying to support your arguments. However, effective arguments require personal credibility and full disclosure of relevant personal conflicts of interest.

Everyone in America has the right to an opinion, but respect for one's opinions is not a right; it must be earned. That's why we encourage those eligible to serve who want to Support President Bush to consider volunteering for military service, and to share the results of those deliberations when following your advice in discussing the war with "The Left."

As Steve Gilliard put it, if you only support the war as long as "other people" actually fight it, you really don't support the war after all. Even Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield, author of "Manliness," [pictured above], just couldn't find the courage within himself to urge the 2006 National Conservative Student Conference to Be A Man! Enlist!
We're not expecting the Young Americas Foundation to prepare Yellow Elephant Talking Points any time soon.


At 08 July, 2007 15:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

enlist now! ya righties will just love the draft! no college, no mission outs, all should serve trust me the war will be over next week if these swine have to go!

At 09 July, 2007 18:08, Blogger robash141 said...

What a rotten bunch of cowardly double talkers. I hope one of these little candy assed freepers tries those talking points on me.

At 10 July, 2007 11:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm particularly annoyed about their reference to the founding fathers of our nation:

"The Continental Congress wouldn’t have been able to adopt the Declaration of Independence if they had to follow your standard."

But everyone who signed the DoI knew that they were committing an act of Treason against England. They knew that if the revolution failed, they would hang.

They put their buts on the line for their values, why can't chickenhawks do the same?

At 11 July, 2007 14:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All OYE members "claim" to have tried to get into the military, but for medical reason were "denied". Yeah right! I challenge OYE members to seek a waiver and to produce the denial of this waiver on the web site. Until then, we will all view you as hypocrites.

At 11 July, 2007 18:18, Blogger OYE said...

anonymous (11 July, 2007, 14:40)-

Sorry, if you won't accept at face value a true statement re ineligibility to serve, then you probably won't believe anything we post on the site.

We tell anyone we contact that, if they confirm to us that they are ineligible [keeping the details to themselves], we won't attempt to contact them again. We basically take their word for it that they cannot serve.

Then we focus our attentions on those who can. How about you?


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