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Walter Reed Welcomes [?] College Republicans, Friday Evening, January 19, 2007

The George Washington University (GWU) College Republicans have scheduled a visit to the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., this coming Friday evening, January 19. Money quotes:

- - - - - -
But the political cynicism prevalent on GW's campus and across our nation tells a different and more disturbing story. Like our parents in Vietnam, we have lost the will to fight, to make the sacrifices that are necessary to protect our country. We have substituted healthy patriotism and deep reverence for American traditions with petty protests and condemnations of our nation's highest leaders.

- - - - - -
Our generation has been courageous in combat, but the home front has yet to wholeheartedly endorse America's historic mission to transform the Middle East. Generation Y, which includes the GW student community, has denied the troops the steadfast support required for victory. Unless we vigorously defend the mission in Iraq, our country will again suffer a devastating defeat and its reputation will be irreparably damaged. We can't let this happen.

With President Bush's recent proposal to commit more than 20,000 new American troops to Baghdad, our generation has an opportunity to renew its devotion to winning the war on terror and earn its billing as the new greatest generation. The GW College Republicans will do its part to answer this critical calling.

We invite all students, regardless of party affiliation, to join us in visiting wounded American soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital this Friday night. While war is an understandable source of disagreement, we must transcend partisan divisions and facilitate broad-based support for the men and women of the armed forces.
- - - - - -

All visitors to Walter Reed are welcome (most especially young women). This includes veterans, ROTC/OCS/etc., and anyone not personally eligible to serve. Your support is greatly appreciated.

However, if the best that the other male GWU College Republicans -- all healthy heterosexuals eligible to serve -- can do to answer this "critical calling" is visit our Wounded Warriors in the hospital, they might as well just stay home.

Otherwise, they should be prepared for a real Wounded Warrior (already more of a man than any of them will ever be) to candidly and frankly urge the GWU College Republicans to Be A Man! Enlist! right there. Chickenhawk pussy excuses won't cut it, so why don't you do everyone a favor and let the female GWU College Republicans go by themselves?

UPDATE: Great comments on Steve Gilliard. Tom Tomorrow has taken note.


At 16 January, 2007 23:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's great that GWU Republicans are prepared to visit wounded soldiers if that's what they believe in. I hope the soldiers don't mind, and some may appreciate the show of support. Maybe after their visit these guys will be motivated to rethink their stance. Or at least, come up with a more effective means of supporting the war. Hmmm...

At 17 January, 2007 01:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, if they can't work up the courage to actually put their lives on the line, at least they're going to see the tragic effects of the thing they're cheerleading.

Ideally, they'll get one step closer to seeing what's real instead of what's stupid. And that's a good thing. I hope they hear lots of stories from lots of soldiers. Maybe they'll grow. Even a little bit would be good. Maybe they'll figure out what a sham their rationalizations are.

We can hope.

At 17 January, 2007 04:41, Blogger Karl said...

Thanks very much for your comments.

Frank and candid suggestions from our Wounded Warriors to the male GWU College Republicans eligible to serve would definitely help make America a better place.

I'm just concerned that such a blatantly political Yellow Elephant stunt just before the State of the Union Address will not help our Wounded Warriors to continue their recovery.

On the other hand, righteous anger can be a great motivator.

At 17 January, 2007 09:13, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Karl: I'm the father of an Air Force 1LT who went to college right across the river from GWU. In addition to his AFROTC classes, he had a double major of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Oh, and he was the Head Resident his senior year, which meant he had to reluctantly give up playing on the soccer team. He's already had one tour of Iraq, and is right now getting ready for the possibility of a second.

I'm also the uncle of a Marine who served a year in Baghdad, carrying a mortar, never setting foot in the green zone, who was involved in a few firefights that killed two-thirds of his patrols. He, too, is on pins and needles, waiting for his next call-up.

Neither of them voted for Bush. Neither of them thought the war was a good idea. Both of them chose the military anyhow, because they believed that they would be put to good use.

Neither of them feel that way now.

Good post.

By the way, why is your ire directed only at the MALE members of GWU? Last I checked, women were serving too.


At 17 January, 2007 09:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should encourage a revision or variation of the Lysistrata strategy. See link below. Encourage the female students at GWU to go to Walter Reed and met some real heroes and tell their loser yellow beret boyfriends they ain't getting any.

Passing out flyers to encourage that would at least annoy the GWU Young GOP-er losermen.

Lysistata link:


At 17 January, 2007 10:36, Blogger karmadog said...

I hope one of those GWU cowards get a crutch up the ass from one of those vets.

At 17 January, 2007 11:19, Blogger Karl said...

balloon pirate-

Thank you for your comment. We also thank your son and your nephew for their service to our country.

Re your question:

By the way, why is your ire directed only at the MALE members of GWU? Last I checked, women were serving too.

Our military is 85% male; in theory, at least, women are not allowed in combat positions. We salute and respect the service and sacrifice of everyone in our military, male and female.

The answer to your question lies in the time-honored slogan, "Be A Man! Enlist!" It focuses on males and so do we. Besides, female hawks aren't all that common. Can you think of any?

At 17 January, 2007 11:46, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Our military is 85% male; in theory, at least, women are not allowed in combat positions.

Tell that to Tammy Duckworth.

Besides, female hawks aren't all that common. Can you think of any? You mean, besides Condi? Do Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin not count because they're so obviously around the bend?

Both of the above fall into the 'Hey, there's a nit! Let's pick it!' category, and I know it. However, since half the population is female, and since the Armed Forces are actively recruiting females as well as males, playing the 'be a man' card instead of the 'be a patriot' one leaves you open to derision from the Fightin 101st Keyboarders, who pick nits with the best of them.

Keep up the good fight.


At 17 January, 2007 12:37, Blogger Karl said...

balloon pirate-

Thanks. When I wrote, "in theory," I was thinking about Tammy Duckworth. I understand that 70 women have been killed in Iraq. Furthermore, a significant number, including Ms. Duckworth, have been seriously injured. It is a major sacrifice, for which they deserve, and get, my respect and admiration.

You need to know that Operation Yellow Elephant is a collaborative effort. I have no problem telling a male, "Be A Man! Enlist!" I would suggest that a female, rather than myself, would be quite effective at encouraging pro-war females to consider military service.

The slot is open. Please spread the word.

At 18 January, 2007 11:38, Blogger 75orLess said...

maybe on the way out of the hospital we can have a recruiter there to give them the hard sell on going over there themselves, similar to a timeshare sales pitch where you aren't allowed to leave until you sign something. Glad to see they are finally doing something more than putting magnets on their cars and calling it "doing their part."

At 19 January, 2007 04:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, Somehow Army and Marine recruiters have been alerted to the a large group of patriotic students at WRMC tonight. Wouldn't it be something if the media got wind of this ? Hmmmmmm


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