Sunday, January 14, 2007

Robert Kagan: A Chickenhawk Yellow Elephant

Steve Gilliard does it again. Money quotes (but you really must read the whole thing):

Why the fuck is the president listening to this fat motherfucker who wouldn't know how to load an M-4, much less take one apart in the dark. If I had served with retired Gen. Jack Keane, I would call him a disgrace to the Army for allowing the president to listen to this assclown. I mean, I would fly to Washington, have lunch with him and say this shit to his face. No letter, no e-mail, face to fucking face.

He would deserve that much consideration.

Robert Kagan has no business making war. None. He is so shitty at his chosen profession, he isn't even a tenured professor, but an assclown at a think tank.But the sick part is that people who know better are pushing this bullshit.

For Steve Gilliard's June 2005 "An Honest Conversation," click here.

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