Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Story: Conscientious Objector

Slate interviewed a credible conservative, Josh Stieber, who at age 13 in 2001 decided to join our military and act on what he believed.

Not many people did, hence this blog.

Well, during his deployment, he came to believe that he could no longer serve, and followed the established process to apply for Conscientious Objector status, which was approved. He was discharged as a conscientious objector and is now a civilian.

We wish him well.


At 13 January, 2011 09:18, Blogger Gunfighter said...

He was 13 when he enlisted?

At 27 January, 2011 20:31, Blogger OYE said...

No. He was 13 when he decided to enlist, but had to wait until age 18, or 17 [with parental consent], actually to do so.


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