Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Young Republicans -- Sign Up Today!

To see a larger version, click here.

UPDATE: I've had a request for a downloadable PDF -- click here to get it.


At 13 July, 2005 22:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should actually be Fortitudo Testiculorum if you want to mean "Fortitude of the Testicles." Or if you want "With the Fortitude of the Testicles" it should be "Cum Fortitudine Testiculorum".

At 13 July, 2005 23:47, Blogger Serephin said...

Thanks, mandos! Y'know, I was in a hurry and just made that shit up at the last minute because it sounded "latin-ish". Still and all, I love knowing what it should actually say. I'll see about getting it changed tomorrow.

"Fortitudo Testiculorum" sounds like it should either be the name of a drink or a U.N. ambassador, don'cha think?

At 14 July, 2005 14:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool stuff. link to printable pdf, please?

At 14 July, 2005 18:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great!

At 15 July, 2005 18:44, Blogger Serephin said...

anonymous --

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Mandos --



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