Thursday, July 14, 2005



I am glad to see the Young Republicans have learned their lessons well at the knees of masters like AWOL Bush! Losing money takes skill and dedication and is hard work!

Looks like the Bolton clone wars continues with the Republicans and Bush:From the Associated Press:
The man leading the Defense Department's search for missing American service members is being investigated by the Pentagon for allegations of abusive management, The Associated Press has learned.

The accusations include reprisals against subordinates and sexual harassment of a female employee, according to Pentagon officials familiar with the inquiry.

Jerry D. Jennings, a deputy assistant secretary of defense, also has been accused by groups outside government of undermining his own office's mission of accounting for service members considered missing in action. They say he has alienated families of the missing and demoralized his staff.
He is now hiding in an undisclosed place. Perhaps it is at the home of the head of the Young Republicans in Las Vegas?

I also wonder when the GOP will claim their guy harrasses women at work because of Clinton? As we all know, the crazed gerbil sex lives of the GOP is entirely due to the fact that Clinton was born. Like Jesus, his mere birth unleashed vast sexual energies that utterly unmanned them all.


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