Tuesday, July 12, 2005

California's Young Republicans have been working hard, and now it's time for a convention

The Young Republican Federation of California's statewide convention is coming up on July 23rd. It will be held in Sacramento and promises to be an exciting event with elections, guest speakers and a no host bar. I guess the Young Repubicans of California have been mighty busy and deserve a convention to cut loose and have a little fun.

According to YRNC Chairman
Nathan Taylor:

“Most of our members either serve, have served, or plan to serve in the
United States Armed Forces,
or have participated in events or projects
supporting the United States Armed Forces
. We will not be intimidated.”

What kind of projects are going on in California?

On March 17, 2005, the
San Diego Young Republicans bravely faced the St. Paddy's day crowds at a bar.

Meanwhile in Iraq

On May 21, 2005, the they tackled some
wine tasting:

Meanwhile in Iraq

Well, the San Diego YR's certainly are doing their part. Let's take a look at the projects they have lined up for the future:

July 14, 2005, 6 PM
Join us at our July Happy
Hour.It will be held at 6:30 pm on July 14th at
Nick's at the Beach in

Annual Beach BBQ & Bonfire
Saturday, July 30, 2005
Join us for
our Annual Beach BBQ & Bonfire on the beach. This year we will be holding
the bbq & bonfire on the beach at Shelter Island and we hope to secure a
great spot on the beach right across from Humphrey's that has a great view of
the skyline. YRs will be providing the food for the bbq and hopefully we can get
some games organized as well. Bring yourself, a friend and BYOB (to share with
the group, no bottles please)!

Sunday, August 28th, 2005
Please join us for A
Day At The Races Sunday, August 28, 2005 Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
open at 11:30 a.m. First Post at 2:00 p.m. We have reserved six tables of four
at the Stretch Run Grill (see map at bottom)

I wonder what will be going on in Iraq on July 30th, while San Diego's Young Republicans are getting drunk and roasting weiners on the beach?

Checking in with the Orange County Republicans, we find they've been busy meeting washed-up movie stars and getting loaded on Flag Day. In addition to these important activities, it looks like the OCYR's have received firearms training,

so it shouldn't be much of a problem for them to take care of this.

(For the record, these activities are not cherry picked to make them look bad. These are their activities that they have chosen to post on their sites. Other than some political meetings, this is the stuff these YR's have been doing. Hell, there's not even a chapstick drive.)

Good Job Young Republicans of California, have a great convention! Hope to see you there.


At 12 July, 2005 23:03, Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Oh, aren't they all just suffering.

At 13 July, 2005 08:06, Blogger DaliWood said...

I am deeply moved by the depth and expansiveness of their patriotism, their selfless willingness to stand firm in one of our nation's darkest hours, and their unwavering devotion to the principles that guide their Party.

When I think of the number of thoroughbred horses that could fall prey to terrorists, I am moved nearly to tears with the gratitude I feel for the YRs rushing to protect them. Our nation's beaches will no longer be a potential point of entry for evil as long as the YR BBQ and Bonfire Brigade bravely raises our flag there--the statue of the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima moves me less. And what cocktail party would any of us feel safe attending were it not for the vigilance of those YR patriots, disguising themselves as drunken, arrogant, spoiled, smarmy little frat punks to subvert the enemy's plans? Braver hearts never beat in this nation.

March on, my comrades in cocktails. The thanks of a grateful nation accompanies you.

At 13 July, 2005 08:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 13 July, 2005 09:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A question for all those who keep posting comments like anonymous's (above): You served, so you'd know -- would you WANT people who think the war in Iraq is a mistake of gargantuan proportions, and who don't believe in it or any of the reasons we were given for it, to serve with you? Or would you rather have comrades in arms who are all on the same page? Do you really want hordes of people who think the war is idiotic at best and evil at worst to join up? I just don't see your point...

The armed forces need troops; surely the best candidates for new troops are people who are 100% behind our leaders. How else can we be victorious in this glorious, ideologically pure military endeavor?

At 13 July, 2005 12:22, Blogger burnplant said...

Well said, Professor.

If we can get these YR's to tear up the insurgents like they are going to tear up the
___ Filet Mignon
___ Breast of Chicken
or ___ Salmon
at the upcoming convention, victory would be assured.

At 15 July, 2005 16:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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