Wednesday, August 17, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From Punditician:
AUSTIN, Texas A decorated Marine enrolling in college was shocked to learn his Texas driver's license, car registration and bank records weren't enough to get the lower resident tuition.

Carl Basham said officials at Austin Community College recently told him that he lost his Texas resident's status because of the years he spent out of state on two tours of duty in Iraq.

Yeah! Texas! This Marine is lucky he isn't running for office as a Democrat or Rush will call him names! And stay at home Texans will drag chains behind their trucks and run him over, I suppose. Show patriotism and love of country.

You know, he should have put on a huge magnet and attached himself to the back of the College President. "Support the troops...oh, the hell with it!"

As the demonstrators for the war and Bush were yelling at the mothers and fathers of dead soldiers: "We don't care!"

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At 17 August, 2005 17:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds like a problem with the Texan Bureauocracy rather then a problem with Bush or the NeoCons or the Iraq war.

At 17 August, 2005 18:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

texans are all racist fags

At 17 August, 2005 19:42, Blogger Karl said...


I'm not surprised. After so many years of Republican control, I'm surprised that the State of Texas even allowed a real Iraq veteran to return home to Texas.

You know, he'd make Republicans conspicious in their refusal to enlist.


At 17 August, 2005 20:11, Anonymous Earl Bockenfeld said...

If those demonstrators even tried to heed the 'Operation Yellow Elephant' call and visit a recruiter. It looks like too many 'cheeseburgers' have put them over the weight limit. They better join a gym, start working out, or start walking to demonstrations from now on. They might try to see if they could help George cut brush.

At 17 August, 2005 21:03, Blogger The Kenosha Kid said...

If this had happened in Massachusetts it would be the lead story on Fox News.

At 18 August, 2005 13:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

massachusetts could beat the shit out of texas

At 20 August, 2005 13:31, Blogger Frankie said...

What is it with all these pro-war people being fat... and the jean shorts???

At 20 August, 2005 13:51, Blogger oldwhitelady said...

Heh! The shirt texts are great! Thanks for the laugh.

I am disgusted with these people protesting the parents of the troops, who are upset that their children were, killed in bush's Iraq fiasco.

At 20 August, 2005 13:51, Blogger dyssident said...

i fell like i have to stand up for ACC here.. i am an (cough,, cough) alumnist of that fine institution.. they are generally rabid about tuition grades due to the poor funding provided by our Republican state legislature;; no one is spared..

that being said,, everything else youve heard about Texas is true,, no matter how insane..

At 21 August, 2005 10:59, Blogger juniper pearl said...

it's true, massachusetts could beat up texas, because our population is made up mostly of caffeine-amped gym-frequenting careerists and drunk college kids. but we wouldn't, because we don't promote redneck sideshow contests of brute strength. i believe, though, that we could also out-reason texas, and i'm pretty sure that as long as i didn't change the address on my license to 18 main street, baghdad, i'd retain all my residential rights.

At 22 August, 2005 20:43, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

and MA, despite being the center of Communism according to the Dear Leader (see his 2004 election pronouncements) has the LOWEST divorce rate of any state in the nation - at least certainly lower than that of TX. Wow, MA, whose Senators are you-know-who and you-know-what, leading the pack in what is often dubbed a "Republican" value. And remember sports fans, this statistic doesn't even include the gay and lesbian couples who have remained faithful despite Bush's slings and arrows.

At 27 August, 2005 13:32, Blogger waxtad said...

I just wanted to say that I'm from Texas, and we're not all racists or neos (though admittedly, most are). I went to college at a university that shall remain nameless, but is known for it's ultra-conservative views. You'll find plenty of yellow elephants there. After all, it is "Bush country", which kinda makes me feel bad for living here.


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