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Spreading like kudzu in a zoo, the Yellow Elephant stomps onwards and downwards! I just got this email from one of our readers, Sally Jo Sorenson.

The Augusta Chronicle
Comments from readers:

SEVEN U.S. MARINES died in a single day in the war for oil in Iraq. The next day 14 more Marines died. It's high time the Young Republicans in this state and nation volunteer to serve and make up the recruitment shortage. I'd like to see 21 brave Young Republicans from Georgia march on down to their nearest recruiting station and make the ultimate sacrifice.

From the Friday, August 5, 2005 printed edition of the Augusta Chronicle

Thanks for the head's up. If anyone else sees letters to the editor like this, email it to me at, and I will post them here. And don't be shy. Write to your local papers and ask, where are the Young Republicans? They need to answer the clue phones. And hangnail isn't a good excuse for not fighting, either.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


At 05 August, 2005 20:09, Blogger Karl said...

This is an excellent subject for OYE and a great way of raising the issue.

Thanks, Elaine.

Karl Olson


At 05 August, 2005 22:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

republicans are such pussies

At 05 August, 2005 23:15, Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

We TRY to please our readers...even if it means dragging ourselves across the room to post...argh...

At 06 August, 2005 03:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Marines aren't the ones having recruitment problems, Jeeves. They're bearing the brunt of the casualties, but they meeting their goals just fine.

Nice try though. Dumbass.

At 06 August, 2005 09:56, Blogger Karl said...


You're wrong. The Marines missed their monthly recruiting quota earlier this year for the first time in quite a while.

Even you should be a bit worried.


At 06 August, 2005 22:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 07 August, 2005 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit eating pussies

At 07 August, 2005 22:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont give a fuck about people in the volunteer military they volunteered to kill brown people and now there just pissing themselves because brown people are shooting back

At 08 August, 2005 19:21, Blogger disabledvet said...

Reply to last one
That is not what the vast majority of Soldiers volunteer for - let me give you a few examples:
Lets start with: more than a few of our soldiers happen to be brown themselves!
Many enlisted following 9/11 because they genuinely wanted to help defend (THATS DEFEND) our nation (Including you)
Others enlisted because they wanted money for education - they werent lucky enough to have rich daddies in big suv's
Others have families to support and needed health insurance, etc for other family members so they went to the plate
Surprisingly, it happens that others are just plain old Patriots (not the football team)- there are a few of those still around.
And anyone who has been in the service will tell you that they don't get to pick where they are sent in time of war - theirs is to do or die (corny and true)
From what I have seen personally - they are indeed afraid, and have every right to be, and are still doing their job quite well - it's not their fault that the civilian leadership has stuck their hand in the fan at least no more than any other voters fault.
Lets have respect for those with the guts and save our disdain for the cowards that this site was originally targeting!

At 09 August, 2005 13:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are damn stupid or secret facists if they are going to pretend they didnt think bushie would launch illegal wars, shit thats what 911 was all about

they are cowards for fighting an illegal war it didnt work for the nazis and it wont work here


At 10 August, 2005 01:13, Blogger disabledvet said...

Not doing their job would get even more brown innocent people killed.
Speaking of stupid - whats your IQ? just curious. Lots of smart people got conned by Bush. Mensa members can be conned - just need a smooth line of patter, I've seen it done.
The US Army fought the Nazis, not helped, FOUGHT and DEFEATED them!
If you don't like Nazis, the US military says YOURE WELCOME!
Americans who commit war crimes should be brought to justice. It's happened in every war on every side. Only the extent changes.
Lt. W Calley was prosecuted and sent to jail during Veitnam.
How many innocent people have died at the hands of terrorists?
"Beware of the new boss, he's the same as the old boss"

At 10 August, 2005 14:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

innocent brown people wouldnt be being killed by the empire if the empire wasnt fucking killing innocent brown people, what the fuck is wrong with you why cant you get this through your thick skull did they put a plate in your head? the us never defeated the nazis they fought them some and then adopted them all into the military where the fuck do you think the cia and nasa came from? it was all nazis

if you cant beat em join em I guess that is why the us is nazy now

At 12 August, 2005 19:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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