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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Failing to attract recruits via the Yellow Elephant recruitment drive, Rumsfeld takes a new tack: From The News Blog of Steve and Jen:
The Pentagon would hold a massive march and country music concert to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in an announcement tucked into an Iraq war briefing today.

"This year the Department of Defence will initiate an America Supports Your Freedom Walk," Rumsfeld said, adding that the march would remind people of "the sacrifices of this generation and of each previous generation".

The march will start at the Pentagon, where nearly 200 people died on September 11, 2001, and end at the National Mall with a show by country star Clint Black.

Word of the event startled some observers.

"I've never heard of such a thing," said John Pike, who has been a defence analyst in Washington for 25 years and runs
There is no lure that will get these slackers to join in a real war. Today, another seven unlucky, non Young Republicans were blown up in Iraq. It is now well over 2,000 dead for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe they are playing the wrong music? They should take out those old Hitler Youth songs. Maybe that will inspire these useless Young Republicans to join.


At 10 August, 2005 14:05, Blogger Dickweed McGillicutty said...

A hate filled screed from Radio Host Phil Hendrie...

August 10, 2005
Anti-War Mom: Another Ignorant Cow
Casey Sheehan was a re-enlistee with the Army's 1st Cavalry. He knew he was going to fight. He understood that. He embraced it. He fought like a soldier. And like a soldier he died, killed in April of 2004, in Sadr City, Iraq.

Casey's mom, Cindy, doesn't quite get it. She is a mother who has lost her son to a war. Convinced she knows more about the costs of war than other parents who've suffered similar loss, she has parked herself outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Full of judgment and hate, calling him "selected," not elected, blaming him personally for the death of her son, this clueless woman is going to sit there until the President comes out. She's going to set him straight.

Cindy Sheehan is another bereaved parent that the anti-Iraq War movement has run its game on. Manipulating her in her sadness and anger, they've created a self-righteous ignoramus. Casey Sheehan was cut down by foreign insurgents, the same Saudi-Iranian-Syrian animals that carved up Nick Berg. But to Cindy, the man who killed her son is George Bush. Cindy believes Bush lied about our reasons for going to war and thus led her son to his death through outright deceit.

The "Bush Lied" theory has been debated and discredited but Anti-War Mom hasn't noticed. Cindy Sheehan isn't outside the Bush ranch as a truth-seeker. She's there for her public-relations potency. "I want people to know the real costs of war," she says. A mother grieving her loss. The inhumanity of war. Oh, the wickedness of it all. It's the anti-Iraq War Propaganda Machine working the sewer again.

The philosophy of the September 10th movement can be boiled down to this: "If we hadn't started anything....... then nothing would have started." Like a parent encouraging a child to avoid bullies by walking 2 blocks out of the way, the September 10th movement believes that avoidance and non-engagement would have been the way to avert 9/11, the Gulf War, Beirut...maybe even World War Two. Since that didn't happen, the anti-Iraq war Poseurs set out to revise history so they can shore up politically. "Clinton had nothing to do with any of this. It was all Bush and he (just to add a touch of true malevolence) LIED!!" No proof is offered of course. Proof means truth. And the truth is this war was unavoidable, brought on by an historic clash of culture and ideal, powered by the American people themselves, rising to meet the future, pissing off the rag heads.

Anti-War Mom raised her children in the American culture of struggle, progress, success and failure. Like many, she refused to take ownership of her government, preferring the platitude of loving her country. No people own their government more than the American people. And no other people in the world more strenuously disassociate from it when the going gets tough. And the going is always the toughest when times are good and war arrives. For Cindy Sheehan and millions of other moms the inconvenience of this could not be overstated. While she was busy chasing the good life, made possible by the millions of backstairs deals cut globally everyday through American corporations and politicians (not to mention enforced by an international security apparatus) her good life was coming up against other considerations authored in the caves of Pakistan.

At first, since it was a question of country, not government, Anti-War Mom supported the war although her loyalty to one and not the other began to impede her ability to understand things clearly. When news arrived of her sons death, her tenuous line to reality snapped. Not only was she not at all responsible for her government, she didn't much like the country either, lecturing her fellow citizens on the costs of war, arrogant in the depths of her ignorance about the prices others have paid.

Anti-War Mom might be powerful had she any ideas of her own. But since she is a mouth-piece for the September 10th movement her guns are empty. The Anti-War movement in America continues to lack anything approaching ideas or answers. But it does encourage Anti-War Mom to live in the past. It's where her son lives, they tell her. So she joins the other wayfarers in the desert, nomads whose camels follow the camel ahead, all going in a circle.

At 10 August, 2005 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10 August, 2005 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it like a scrotum?

At 10 August, 2005 15:24, Blogger noel adamson said...

A screed, in the metaphorical sense, is rather like an empty scrotum.

At 10 August, 2005 16:06, Blogger D.F. Facti said...

Is this real? A hootenany to "celebrate" Sept. 11?

Donald Rumsfeld has to be the thickest idiot in Washington, and that's really saying something.

Where is Joseph Heller? Colonel Cathcart? Major Major?

At 10 August, 2005 17:03, Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Yup. All them people who hate NYC slickers will be celebrating the destruction of the WTC.

At 10 August, 2005 17:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do you think bush picked new york and dc he wanted to kill progressives and brown people

At 10 August, 2005 18:59, Blogger noel adamson said...

"All them people who hate NYC slickers will be celebrating the destruction of the WTC"

But they picked less than progressive targets in the WTC and the Pentagon. They can spin it either way then and claim victim status for themselves, in the same vein as the "bug" in Rove's office during the Texas gubenatorial race that put "W" in the Texas governor's mansion,...
"why do you think bush picked new york and dc he wanted to kill progressives and brown people"...
while scaring the crap out of the good citizens of New York and D.C. as in a classic protection racket.

At 10 August, 2005 20:06, Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

That was the anthrax killer's job, too.

And note, even though the list of suspects is about 20 names long, no one has been arrested.

Rove is still in the White House.

At 10 August, 2005 20:41, Blogger disabledvet said...

Dickweed McGillicutty
It just seems that you missed a few things about the whole Casey Sheehan thing.
Sure he was an enlistee - doesn't mean he supported the war. Not saying he didn't (I don't make statements on how others felt unless I have personal knowledge) But more than a few have reupped because they want to help the less experienced in the unit, fill a vital space that a new guy might not be up to, etc.. Those who have been in wars have frequently stated that when in combat you are not fighting for some high ideal - just for the guys and gals next to you who are depending on you for their lives.

Nobody "ran a game" on Cindy, from everything I've read, she came to these conclusions on her own. Just because she disagrees with the President there is no reason to conclude that she must have been brainwashe by someone who took advantage of her delicat state. Actually she sounds like a fighter - she's sitting in 100+ temp.s indefinetly while talking to every media outlet who will give her the time of day until she is hoarse. That takes guts and endurance!

Bush did lie - it has not been discredited, just the opposite! The memos coming out of Britain, the constant shifting of justification for invasion, etc. only the most naive doubt that we were lied to and current polls show that America is now aware of that fact. Bush has taken many actions to hide the cost of the war - refusing to allow media access to the bodies being shipped back (which was allowed in previous wars), changing the monetary cost of the war on a weekly basis, etc.. Letting people know that our brave soldiers are dying is not "working the sewer" it's being honest! You might be a little more sympathetic if you had ever lost a loved one to war - making light of it is seedy and disrespectful to the families that are risking their loved ones.

Next you parrot the old canard about we had to invade Iraq because of 9/11
Sadaam was an evil fuck - in fact our evil fuck. We supported (arms, money, germ warfare supplies, etc.) when he was fighting Iran. This is in the public record and denied by no one who read the papers in the 1980's. He did not support Al Queda, just the opposite - he made sure they did not operate in Iraq. Why? Because he is a secularist and Al Queda are religous fundamentalists. Imagine accusing the Jewish Defense League of helping the KKK and you get the idea - ludicrous on the face of it. The proof that Bush lied is in: Time, Newsweek, ABC News, CBS NEws, 60 minutes, etc. etc..

In the next paragraph you say that Cindy was so busy living the good life that she didn't care what her leaders did and therefore deserves whatever she gets (I paraphrase a little).
What did Cindy do for a living? What makes you think she was benefitting from "Backdoor deals", etc.? What next, say that rape victims are must be asking for it or they wouldn't have been raped? We are not talking "inconvenience" here - death is final! Our soldiers are brave, do a fine job, and have given us the freedom that we love. That should mean that they get more respect when they die. And they should not be sent to die for any but the most important causes, and oil just don't cut it.

Finally, you once again mention that "at first she supported the war" well yeah, many of us did before we found out that we had been LIED to! There were no WMDS, ties too Al Queda, in fact no important threats to our national security in Iraq at all. Even if you use the "one day he might of" theme, others were higher on the list! Why didn't we take care of N. Korea which we know to have Nuclear weapons and a nutcase ruler who could go off at a moments notice, and is treating his own population far worse than Sadaam ever considered. Oh yeah, no oil in Korea.

Try to find victims to blame somewhere else and think through your arguments a little more thoroughly. Also stop watching Faux news so much - it's rotting your brain.

At 10 August, 2005 20:49, Anonymous Mack said...

disabledvet your comments are too long you should get your own blog since clearly your eyes and hands arent disabled maybe you just got your balls shot off I don't know

enlistees are fascists by definition

At 10 August, 2005 20:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil Hendrie said all that, you dipshit. DW MCG posted it to show what a con job they're running on this poor woman. The morning she showed up, Drudge ran his smear on her, courtest of the Rove Machine.

Can you actually read? Its pretty obvious that nothing you've attempted to say here means a damned thing. Oh wait. You're agreeing with us...sonofabitch. Can I read? Hello?

At 10 August, 2005 23:48, Blogger disabledvet said...

Sorry - missed the original tag, do tend to go right to the body - won't bother you guys again
I use a program that llos me to talk and it types - my hands are disabled, and I do have my own blog..

At 11 August, 2005 05:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mack and Anonymous:

When someone has obviously misread or misunderstood or just plain missed a tag, it really is possible to point that out in a helpful way without attacking and insulting and name-calling.

Try it some time. You might even make a friend.

The anonymous thread-nanny

At 11 August, 2005 18:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12 August, 2005 19:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 16 August, 2005 01:07, Anonymous stevenyc said...


At 16 August, 2005 18:57, Anonymous stevenyc said...

in my butt

At 18 August, 2005 22:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To All who are following the Right Wing attacks:

The Phil Hendrie blog
has been altered to hide Hendrie's identity.

He has removed his photo and started to call it "the Rick Sutherland Blog" in order to distance himself from his shameless attacks on Cindy Sheehan and to promote his own views.

Has Premiere Radio issued threats to Hendrie over his blog? He has also eliminated hundreds of posts critical of his views and has completely sanitized his blog.

Hendrie has FOUR military age stepsons who have 'other priorities' despite his raving and fanatical support for the war. He fits the term 'Yellow Elephant' to a tee!

Please pass it on--the heat is on the hate mongers and they're starting to run for cover. We have to shine a light down on these cockroaches.

Support Cindy!


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