Monday, July 11, 2005

OYE at The Republican National Convention

Who knew that Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Operation Truth was part frenchman.
In a prelude to Operation Yellow Elephant, he was "embedded" at the 2004 Republican National Convention to talk about Iraq. As you might guess there were a few Young Republicans on hand to represent the up and coming youth movement that is the future of the GOP. He asked one young attendee, Shedrick Gavin of the "Florida Republican Youth Majority", if he would go fight in the war. When he answered matter-of-factly, "Of course not", Rieckhoff asked him why not.

click here to go to the video (This is cross-posted on C&L)

Gavin's response was, and this is as close to an exact quote as I could get with all of his stammering, "I mean I'm... I'm here! No, I'm a, I'm a re... I don't believe in killing. I, I, you know, I, I'm a son of a, son of a, son of a preacher so I don't... it says 'thou shalt not kill'

As our friend Ben says: The clip ends with Karl Rove cackling sinisterly while sitting at Sean Hannity's table in "Talk Show Row". 'Bout sums it up.



At 11 July, 2005 02:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we chip in and send Mr. Gavin a box of pampers? cuz he looked like he was about to shit his pants answering that question.

BTW I'm always deeply pissed off to see a black Republican...especially one so young.

At 11 July, 2005 06:37, Blogger lukery said...

speaking of Operation Truth, maybe its time we recruit Ms Truth herself, Karen Hughes.

she is supposed to start her 'new' job in the fall - the problem is that her chair has been empty for something like 6 months already.

im starting to think that we actually have a real PR problem with non-christians - maybe an early end to her summer holiday might be exactly the type of Sacrifice the president has called for...

Draft Karen.

At 11 July, 2005 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are no black republicans except for the ones that have been brainwashed like Uncle Thomas

At 11 July, 2005 15:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come'on now. James Merideth was a black Repulbican. He's still living. He's a proud man of great courage who is on record that he can't stand George Bush. I'm a black republican too, in the spirit of James Merideth.

I consider myself the real thing. It's these former Dixie-crats who need to get the hell out of MY party. That brother on this tape got slam dunked...the phoney MF.

At 11 July, 2005 15:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops Merideth IS a black Republican!

At 11 July, 2005 22:13, Anonymous Sue said...

"anonymous" black republicas gotta love it yuk yuk

At 15 July, 2005 16:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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